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Doctors, Virologists, Immunologists...... Spill The Tea On Vaccine Dangers

Hear directly from experts who: designed mRNA technology; treated the most Covid-19 patients successfully; worked at Pfizer, Pro-Vaccine experts and other Doctors and Researchers.


Misinformation is a made-up thing. Informed consent is a fundamental aspect of receiving any medication and the fact that we are not allowed to question this, is a huge concern for humanity. For yourself and your loved ones, you need to be aware. In case you’re in any kind of doubt, here’s a list of some Professionals, (Doctors and Scientists) who Have Questioned The Official Narrative. 


I would recommend looking up any of these on their own websites, or free speech websites such as Telegram, brand new tube, rumble or bitchute. Their findings are being banned, deleted and blocked on social media!  You have a right to hear these and question what is going on and what is being put into your body.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko M.D.

Nominated for the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Zelenko is a Board Certified family physician with over 20 years of experience.​  Dr. Zelenko’s team was one of the first in the country to successfully treat thousands of Covid-19 patients in the pre-hospital setting with what is now known as the “Zelenko Protocol.”  His protocol has saved countless lives worldwide. Dr. Zelenko began the conversation of Covid-19 as a global bio weapon attack while reminding us that we have the cure to fight it. 

Dr. Robert Malone

Inventor of the mRNA technology, Dr. Malone there are two adverse event signals that are becoming apparent to the FDA, one of them is thrombocytopenia (not having enough platelets), which are manufactured in the bone marrow, the other is reactivation of latent viruses. He said there also needs to be monitoring of vaccine recipients for Leukemia and Lymphomas as there were concentrations of Lipid Nanoparticles in the bone marrow and lymph nodes. See this amazing interview with Dr. Malone who explains: How the "vaccines" work, WHAT was ACTUALLY "approved" EUA and "FDA Approval" and who was complicit in their approval, Liability Shield, Current Treatments, Kids and Covid Risk, Myocarditis and The NEW Delta Plus Variant and why Monoclonal Antibodies Wont Work! You can also Read Another One of Dr. Malone's Interview's Here

Dr. Peter McCullough

Nationally recognized and Board Certified cardiologist known for his appearances in front of government panels, expressing his concerns for the vaccines and suppression of treatments for Covid-19 patients, which he feels was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine. He said the alleged Covid-19 virus is a bioweapon and the vaccines represent “phase two” of that bioweapon. Dr. McCullough is also an epidemiologist, Professor of Medicine and advocate for the Truth. He also revealed there are CMS whistleblowers who leaked Vaccine Deaths are actually over 50,000, far more than the 4000 showing in the CDC VAERS at the time of this interview.

Read His Explosive Interview Here

Dr. Geert Van Den Bosche

Espoused virologist and vaccine expert formerly employed by GAVI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wrote a letter to WHO warning that vaccinating in a pandemic can produce more transmissible and potentially deadly strains he calls "Viral Immune Escape". Read a copy of his impassioned letter HERE

Karen Kingston

According to a former Pfizer employee who studied the COVID vaccine's medicinal patents, those who have not been vaccinated face grave medical risk from those who have been vaccinated. Karen Kingston, a pharmaceutical marketing specialist and biotechnology analyst, voiced this caution in an interview with USA Watchdog Greg Hunter. "If you take a look at the biological license approval for Pfizer, it specifically explains that Comirnaty is a nucleoside-modified messenger RNA," she said. That is a man-made genetic material that coats the spike protein of SARS-CoV 2. So, people who are injected are producing trillions of the disease-causing spike protein, and they can infect other people." This means Vaccinated parents can infect their UnVaccinated children. She pointed at the CDC's weekly morbidity and death data in August 2021 which revealed a significant increase in cases of hospitalization among children aged 1-4, 5-12, and 12-18, starting in January 2021. As parents get more and more vaccinated, the children, particularly 1 to 4 year olds, are the highest spike in hospitalizations due to COVID. Children never got COVID before. What they are getting is COVID from their parents being vaccinated." Parents especially and those wanting to get pregnant might want to read more about Transmission in her Interview HERE

Dr. Scot A Youngblood - Physician

Breaks down the Pfizer Vaccine Clinical Trial showing the Increase Adverse Events and All Cause Mortality and ACTUAL Death Rate showing ther results showed there was NO Death Benefit from the "Vaccine". Shows Data shows more people have died from the "Vaccine" than from the Virus. He also showed that having Spike Protein in your body attacking ACE Receptors is problematic. He also talks about the VAERS System and even at 17,000 DEATHS the CDC has deleted over 150,000 entries. Explains the Death Rate Data from the Vaccine and how the CDC defines Death from Civid-19 as opposed to Death from the Vaccine. Also calls out the FDA and the date they were made aware of all Adverse Events related to the Vaccine 10/22/20 before Authorizing Emergency Use of Vaccine. Explains the "FDA Approval" and How and COMIRNATY is NOT available. Explains how the vaccines work and how vaccine mandates do not make sense.

Dr. Shankara Chetty - South African Physician

Dr Chetty is a General Practitioner with a Natural Science background in Genetics, Advanced Biology, Microbiology and Biochemistry. He said we need to understand The BIGGER PICTURE and that there is Fear Mongering and Coercion. The pathogen causing death in Covid illness is the Spike Protein (one of the most Toxic Poisons ever created). He said we have an engineered Virus (Toxin) and a Weapons Grade Vaccine. The Spike Protein triggers an allergic reaction. A small percentage react. We have been conned into thinking that giving away all our Freedoms will be safe for us (Vaccine Mandate). They justified the Vaccination of the Planet which will expose us to the Spike Protein over a longer period. Spike Protein will initially create an allergic response. So they will say the first 14 days after a vaccine any side effects can't be attributable to the vaccine. Following that we will see the endothelial injuries those are the deaths that are meant to follow and they will never be pinned to the Spike Protein which will be made in various tissues and membranes in our bodies. They will be too diverse and too many to be noticed as a poisoning. Dependent on the Hosts response. The toxin in the long term will get those with pre-existing conditions to be exacerbated. He explains HOW. If people understand the INTENTION and the BIGGER PLAN then people will understand WHY what's happened has happened and what's coming #depopulationagenda 

Addit. Docs Against the Vax
  • Dr. Rashid Buttar

  • Dr. Andrew Kaufman

  • Dr. Annie Bukacek

  • Dr. Thomas Cowan

  • Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai

  • Dr. James Hidrith

  • Dr. Bruce Lipton

  • Dr. Robert Young

  • Dr. Judy Mikovits

  • Prof. Dolores Cahill

  • Dr. Ericson

  • Dr. Ivette Lozano

  • Professor Knut Wittkowski

  • Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

  • Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

  • Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg

  • Dr. Joel Kettner

  • Dr. John Loannidis

  • Dr. Yoram

  • Dr Pietro Vernazza

  • Frank Ulrich Mongomery

  • Prof. Hendrik Streeck

  • Dr. Yanis Roussel

  • Dr. David Katz

  • Dr. Michael Osterholm

  • Dr. Peter Goetzsche

  • Dr. Sunetra Gupta

  • Dr. Karin Molling

  • Dr. Anders Tegnell

  • Dr. Pablo Goldscmidt

  • Dr. Eran Bendavid

  • Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

  • Dr. Tom Jefferson

  • Dr. Michael Levitt

  • Dr. Richard Schabas

  • Kate Shemirani

  • Julian Rose

  • Barbara ONeil

  • Prof. Yavid Finkelstein

  • Dr. Murcato Ravindrefed

  • Prof. Graham Axlerod

  • Prof. Jennifer Hintze

  • Dr. Andreas Grundhaven

  • Dr. Merton Yipple

  • Prof. Swami Bhakhavavadvad

  • Dr. Barton Berstaffler

  • Prof. Qiong Hong-Lamin

  • U.S. Senator Dr.Scott Jensen

  • Dr. Stella Immanuel

  • Dr Christiane Northrup

  • Mark Devlin

  • Dr. Vernon Coleman

  • Dr. Muhammad Igbal Adil

  • Dr.Kelly Victory

  • Francis Abraham

  • Dr. Fidel Fernandez

  • Edwin A. Burn

  • Homer Lim

  • Dr.Edwin Bien

  • Dr Mike Yeadon

  • Dr Pierre Kory, 

  • Dr Sam Bailey, 

  • Dr Sam White, 

  • Dr Geert van den Bossche, 

  • Dr David Martin, 

  • Professor Mattias Desmet, 

  • Dr Carrie Medej, 

  • Group of doctors at PANDA, 

  • Dr Linda Wastila, 

  • Clare Wills-Harrison, 

  • Dr Judy Wilyman, 

  • Dr Aseem Malhotra, 

  • Dr Peter Doshi, 

  • Reiner Fuellmich, 

  • Funeral director - John O’Looney, 

  • Robin Monotti, 

  • Dr Zelenko, 

  • Prof Sucharit Bhakdi, 

  • Dr Daniel Nagase, 

  • Dr Peter McCullough, 

  • Dr Nathan Thompson, 

  • Dr Zandre Botha, 

  • Dr Ryan Cole, 

  • Dr Christina Parks, 

  • Dr Peter Schirmacher

Dr. Kevin Stillwagon

This AMAZING video Keypoints: "you have a 99% survival rate. Wearing a mask increases your chance of a respiratory infection by 13x. This shot their insisting you get does not protect you from infection. Its the INNATE IMMUNE system that keeps you protected. The shot decreases your innate system by 60% from keeping viruses out. Booster will reduce it even more. The antibodies created by this shot can no longer neutralize variants and actually ENHANCE the virus's ability to infect you. It should be painfully obvious to you that fully vaccinated people are getting sick. This will continue to get worse IF you keep trying to Jab people while a virus is trying to spread. The variants are emerging from the VACCINATED POPULATION!!" He talks about the FAKE "FDA APPROVAL" and how COMIRNATY IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UNITED STATES. "The Licensing Application was approved and NOT the ACTUAL PRODUCT" so it is NOT ACTUALLY FDA APPROVED! "By Law you cannot force people to take this drug without informed consent and without animal trials to prove it is safe. Therefore anyone trying to do so are in VIOLATION of the CONSTITUTION and of the NUREMBERG CODE."

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