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References and Links to Source Data

Asprin Study - 85mg

Bill Gates Project Depopulation

Bill Gates Warns of Next Epidemic

Biowarfare Evidence of - Fauci / Daszak incriminated

Blood Clots Pfizer and Moderna Study

Budesonide (Inhaled) Efficacy in Early Covid Treatment

Children - Vaccine Adverse Events

Colloidal Silver Drug Interactions


Covid-19 Symptoms

Depopulation Scheme - Oprah Winfrey Bill Gates

FDA Approval Bait and Switch tricking Americans to get Vaccinated

FDA Approval Additional Info

FDA Approval Letter updated with Tromethamine change to Kids Vaccine

FDA Fact check - Reuters re tromethamine change to Kids Vaccine

Garlic/Ginger Benefits

Heart Problems 6 Times Higher In Teenage Boys - Study of Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine

Hydroxychloroquine - FDA

Ivermectin - Published Article in National Library of Medicine on Five Day Course of Ivermectin

Ivermectin - Miracle drug in India - Over 200 Million Covid-Free

Ivermectin - Analysis of 93 Different Studies From all over the World Incl. USA

Karen Kingston Interview - Transmission (Unvaccinated in Danger from the Vaccinated)

Lawsuit 45,000 Thomas Renz


Lancet Study August 2021 - Delta Variant Viral Load 251 Time Higher in Vaccinated

Legal - Attorney

Legal - Attorneys, Info, Exemption Templates - Americas Frontline Doctors

Long Haul Covid Syndrome (LHCS) Symptoms Appear In This Order

Magnesium - Benefits / Study NIH

Moderna Vaccine Ingredients

mRNA Creator Dr Robert Malone Discusses How Spike Proteins End Up In Organs

N-Acetylcysteine to Combat Covid-19 - An Evidence Review

NIH awards EcoHealth Alliance

PEG Causes Anaphylaxis NIH Study

Pepcid Covid-19 Treatment

Peter Daszak President of EcoHealth Alliance Has Misled The Public

Pfizer Clinical Trial Deaths from Vaccine

Protocol Covid - Dr Lee Merritt

Pfizer Jab Makes You MORE Susceptible To Getting Covid

Pfizer Vaccine "Secret Sauce" Revealed

Protcols Prophylaxis and Covid Pre-Hospital - Dr Zelenko

Protocol Additional Suggestions

Remdesivir Kills Hospitals No Longer Safe

Remdesivir Study by WHO shows it did NOT reduce Mortality Rate

Remdesivir Scandal

Remdesivir - Gilead brought off NIH

Religious Exemption Letter Template 2

Rockefeller Operation Lockstep Predicting the Pandemic in 2010

Dr Robert Malone Interview

Dr Robert Malone Interview - Vaccine causes High concentration nanoparticle in ovaries

Shedding (Transmission) of the Spike Protein to the Unvaccinated

Shikimic Acid Pine Needles

Spike Protein Dangers of - Research Paper

Spike Proteins - Ways to Neutralize Them

Snake Venom - Bioactive Molecules Derived from Snake Venom to Combat.....

Thrombocytopenia following Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines - NIH Study

Vaccine Adverse Events Summary and A-Z of Injuries

Vaccine Covid Death Report UK.Gov  - Vaccine Surveillance Report Octover 2021

Vaccines Dont Work - Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci

Vaccine Mandates and Exemptions - Employers and Employees FAQ

Venomous Snakes - Gain of Function Research MARCH 2020


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