Testimonies of Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

Millions of Injuries and Deaths have been Reported to the CDC VAERS Adverse Events Reporting System, the UK's Yellow Card System and 

other International reporting systems worldwide. Afraid this might cause Vaccine Hesitancy, the CDC began removing Deaths and changing the DATA. CMS and CDC Whistleblowers confirmed this, reporting that at LEAST 45,000 Medicare Patient Deaths had been OMITTED from just a 2 week period!!

Many vaccine injured were turning to social media for help. There were multiple Facebook Groups for Vaccine Adverse Events which had OVER 100,000 PEOPLE in EACH GROUP posting THOUSANDS of posts a day with PICTURES of Deceased family members, severe life altering skin rashes, Bells Palsy, uncontrollable shaking and other issues and asking for help. Saying that ER's were TURNING THEM AWAY, sending them home with NO DIAGNOSIS and refusing to LINK THEIR ISSUES to the VACCINE!! FACEBOOK DELETED THE GROUPS EFFECTIVELY SILENCING THE INJURED PARTIES leaving it up to people like YOU and ME to spread the word to try and STOP more people from getting injured!

Testimonies of Vaccine Injuries Related To:

Heart Attack

Bleeding and Miscarriage


Disease Outbreak

Infections and Inflammation

Skin Problems

Neurological Problems

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