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Help Us In The Fight To Save Humanity

Thanks for Visiting Covid Healing Today. 

As you noticed all the information was provided to you without any ANNOYING google ads popping up every few seconds.

I believe everyone needs access to this Life Saving information. Google, YouTube and Social Media have played a KEY ROLE in hiding this information from the Public so that they could NOT make an INFORMED DECISION about whether or not to take an Experimental Shot. They Hid Evidence proving that the Shot is DEADLY and the world needs to be WARNED. AND THE SHOT GETS MORE DEADLY WITH EACH DOSE!! The plan is Boosters EVERY FEW MONTHS!! 

If you found any of the Information useful and believe it will help you make an INFORMED DECISION and to Heal from this "Plandemic" and would like to and are able to Support Covid Healing and our Freedom Fighters in their efforts to WARN OTHERS, CLICK DONATE.

We have PLANS in 2022 to put together a Live Event in Topanga CA and would like to Invite some Guest Speakers. We will keep you updated.

We also have PLANS to do a Video Testimonial Project like the Testimonies Project.

In the meantime, please subscribe, SHARE and watch this page GROW :) and HOPEFULLY we can bring the criminals to JUSTICE!!

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